Strategic Management in the Context of Organizational Evolution

Strategic Management in the Context of Organizational Evolution
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Who is this course for? In general, this course is recommended for those who approach the development of their professional competencies in business management from the standpoint of a systems approach, who seeks to acquire fundamental organizational and economic knowledge of strategic planning and management. These are, first of all, students at master’s level of education, studying for a corresponding degree in business administration and management. At the same time, we are sure that this course can be useful for master's students, studying in the field of economic cybernetics.

Is any prerequisite knowledge required before taking this course? Yes, of course! You will need a basic knowledge in the fields of micro- and macro-economics, theory of organization and organizational behavior, general management, strategic planning, beginnings of graph theory, matrix algebra, game theory. At the same time, it should be noted that, if desired, everyone can fill the gaps in their basic training in a particular area of knowledge in the process of studying the course materials, since here is an exhaustive list of the necessary literature. In the end, you can always write to the instructor and ask for appropriate help in mastering the course material.

How will taking this course help me in my everyday life? For everyone, who involved in business either as a boss, or just an operational manager, being competent to create and implement winning business strategy is vital. Such a competence makes a professional very welcomed in various companies in nowadays turbulent unpredictable economic life. It gives him or her very sound competitive advantages on the labor market today. Surely, we do not think, that the completion of our course will immediately guarantee a promotion to the top positions in the company. But we do believe, that it gives a firm ground to become a great management decision maker anyway.

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