Real-life Project Management Practices

Real-life Project  Management Practices
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What You Will Learn


Course Outcomes

  • The main target of this course is to give students understanding how to form a project work using project management instruments for its successful implementation in future.
  • learn basic terms, rules and instruments of project management.
  • study the methodology for drafting the project Charter
  • apply the methodology of project Charter drafting to your own company

Dear friends,

We are starting a course on project management. Regardless of how unbelievable that may sound but history of project management goes back many years. Project management is considered to be a foundation of managing any large and not only large company or Corporation Organization or national development. We will touch upon historical aspects a little later. For now let's note the theory of project management is universal in its unique sense because it doesn't depend on the real processes occurring in the specific industry or segment where the project is deployed. For example project management in the hospitality industry especially during the preparation phase and developing the project charter is not very different from the same activity in any other area.  Our course will give you the knowledge, allow you to create and manage any projects with which you can provide throughout your life

For project’s successful implementation, you need:

  • To work out the project idea well and the ways of its implementation coordinate it with external and internal stakeholders
  • Correctly plan the implementation and provision of resources
  • Carry out monitoring and corrective actions during the implementation of the project
  • Correctly complete the project by carrying out the necessary formal and informal procedures
  • Hire a team of specialists from various fields

In our course, we will learn all main topics of project management:

  • Project Lifecycle
  • Stakeholders
  • Risk Management in Project Management
  • Project Team
  • Project analysis and project effectiveness
  • Information Technologies in Project Management
  • Project Manager special competencies
  • Fundamentals of teamwork

Is any prerequisite knowledge required before taking this course?

Successful completion of the course requires knowledge in the area in which you intend to engage in project activities. Project activity cannot exist on its own. It exists as applied to specific activities

We welcome you on our course!

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