Introduction to Marketing Analysis and Big Data

Introduction to Marketing Analysis and Big Data

Analysis is the basis for assessing the effectiveness of the company in general and marketing activities in particular. There is a need to form a system of marketing (market) indicators, including an assessment of the company's and organization's activities (including financial and economic), as well as market characteristics. Moreover, the analysis system for each specific company may be different. The difficulty in evaluating marketing activities is that a large portion of performance indicators are associated with irrational characteristics. The availability of information and the ability to measure it becomes the key to performance measurement. Any strategic and tactical business action must be systemic. This means that the task of analyzing the activities of an enterprise in general and marketing in particular, in the context of globalization and crisis phenomena, becomes one of the most important tasks of management.

What can happen if you refuse to analyze the market? You can lose profits, you can lose market share, you can lose a business, or you can lose nothing, but the probability of the last option, frankly speaking, decreases sharply.

Course Outcomes

  • define of the analytical system.
  • determine the problem and the formation of analysis tasks
  • build a company’s information base
  • analyzie Internet Marketing Data Using Web Analytics Systems

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