International Marketing

International Marketing
Doing business

The International Marketing course will introduce you to the tools and concepts that are used in international marketing while focusing on the Emerging Markets segment. You will learn how international markets work and attain skills and marketing tools used in the foreign trade enterprise when in condition of increasing competition in the world commodity markets. Particular attention in this course will also be paid to the marketing aspects of the entry of domestic firms to international markets

Who is this course for?

  • Marketing students (bachelor/masters programs)
  • Anyone with a former marketing education background
  • Those who wish to learn about how international marketing is done
  • Anyone working/planning to work in an large international company

Do I need any prior knowledge to take the course?

  • A basic understanding of marketing will surely help you dive into the course but we try to explain everything so that anyone would be able to understand

Course duration:

  • 6 weeks

Course's subjects:

  • International marketing: basic definitions
  • The internationalization as a factor of development of international marketing.
  • The role of TNCs in the development of international marketing.
  • Micro-, meso-and macro-levels of the international marketing environment
  • International entry mode. Segmentation of international markets
  • Positioning strategy at international markets. Commodity and marketing policy at international marketing.

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