Fundamentals of Digital Management

Fundamentals of Digital Management
Doing business

You will get a systematic view of the course, learn digital management as a new tool for learning and transforming the world, the key to the success of modern business and public administration, demanded by managers who change lives for the better. Together with practitioners and experts, you will explore the digital management of transformation of major companies. You will learn how, with the help of digital management technologies, space and time, spiritual, cultural and corporate values, human behavior, virtual and real world of life are connected into a single system.

You will learn how to calculate the success formula for using digital management in the transformation of companies and will be able to apply it in practice. Learn the stages of the life cycle of digital management and development of companies, study customer centricity and management of business process optimization, learn the practice of creating a digital management team and project management of transformation of large manufacturing companies, taking into account the psychological factor and possibilities of digital thinking. This course represents the study and practical use of topics that are the fundamental basis of digital management. The study will be based on video lectures, sound podcasts, video interviews with practitioners, leading international experts and your participation in the educational process with the help of tasks, tests, specially designed crosswords and training materials. Young scientists from different countries will work with you.

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