Financial Instruments for an International Contract

Financial Instruments for an International Contract
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Why is financing so important for export operations? This is primarily due to the fact that the most inviting payment term for a foreign buyer is deferred payment. For example, more than 80% of trade between European countries is carried out on deferred payment terms (i.e. when the exporter provides a commercial credit to its counterparty).

What You Will Learn


Course Outcomes

  • Main goal of this course is introduction of all financial instruments, which can help you achieve goal of successful export contract, highlight all the risks and institution, that can help you. At our course you:
  • Will learn the history of of the International Economy
  • Will know about Balance of Payments and how it refers to foreign trade
  • Will know which export contract terms require a search of financial instruments?
  • Will learn how to mapping exporter financial risks
  • Will know financial instruments for the exporter: financing and risk coverage
  • Will know export financial and support institutions

Within the framework of the present course, the most important financial aspects of export activities will be discussed, that will help shape expertise in the following topics:

  • Export financing specifics and economics of a foreign trade contract
  • Risks associated with the financial conditions of a foreign trade contract
  • Tools that will help ensure project financing and risk coverage
  • Financial organizations and institutions supporting exporters; document preparation and export project positioning in order to receive financial support

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