English for Scientific and Academic Purposes

English for Scientific and Academic Purposes

What You Will Learn

Upon the course completion, you should be able to write up research in the form of a scientific article and present academic results to the audience

Course Outcomes

  • get a general understanding of a conventional research paper (content and structure)
  • comprehend the academic paper type, its conventions, layout, register and structure
  • have skills in reviewing sources and paraphrasing
  • introduce and describe visuals of different kinds
  • identify different reference styles and their appropriacy
  • coherently and cohesively link parts of a formal paper
  • understand key features of academic writing and formal communication
  • operate an extended range of key academic vocabulary /nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs/
  • comprehend main steps in slide preparation to support an academic talk
  • participate in academic discussions of different settings
  • handle questions related to the research area and current academic projects
  • have a good command of presentation language
  • know psychological tactics and speech delivery

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