Contemporary Economics (Candidate Minimum)

Contemporary Economics (Candidate Minimum)
Экономика и право

A lot of various events are evolving around the world on a daily basis, with epidemic problems, economic and financial crises, demographic issues magnifying, the shutdown of the entire countries.  

Specialists in theory and practice in different spheres of knowledge try to explain the reasons and consequences of the ever more different world phenomena, as well as to find ways and constructive perspectives for the present and future. Economics offers its definition and problem-solving mechanisms for the most ardent of the issues of modern socio-economic development.  

“Contemporary Economics” is a course offered that has been taught to RUDN postgraduate students of the Faculty of Economics for more than 10 years, it being constantly updated and favorited. Why? 

It is because the Course allows the students and postgraduates to simultaneously solve several tasks. To begin with, it helps prepare to successfully pass Candidate degree qualification exam in all economic areas - Economics, National Economy, World Economy, Finance and Credit, Management, etc.  

But most importantly, the course provides “keys” to solving problems of postgraduate research, offers and overview of methodological tools proves the interconnection between the present achievements in Economics and the most current, popular and practical economic ideas.  

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